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FEEDBACK of participants to our Alkaline Fasting

"Discover what participants are saying about their experiences with us:

  • 'You carried out everything with so much love and dedication.'

  • 'I feel inspired to experiment with cooking at home again.'

  • 'All elements of the week, like the kinesiological treatment, even acupuncture, were really good. I feel much lighter and relaxed.'

  • 'I participated in the alkaline fasting week. For me, it was the first time and definitely not the last - but only at Bergschlössl! Everything fits here: the relaxed atmosphere, the alkaline yet delicious food, the very sympathetic and competent owners, the meditation and kinesiology offerings, and the beautiful nature in the surroundings! An opportunity for anyone looking to truly unwind!!! Full board in every way - culinary, physical, and mental!'

  • 'You make everyone feel so well taken care of...'

  • 'I really enjoyed the week with you in the Black Forest, and it also stirred some things inside me. The catering was phenomenal, thank you again for that! And it did me good too :)'

  • 'An all-around successful weekend. And: I even feel results from this fasting weekend. Both in terms of weight and well-being, understanding what is good for my body and what may not be. And: I now enjoy a cup of coffee every day again, but early in the morning. So all in all, a good success and a good start to a hopefully healthier life.'

  • 'We were curious about the alkaline fasting week. The result: extremely positive. The loving preparation of the meals, both visually and taste-wise, was excellent. Body, mind, and soul were also well taken care of. The fantastic location of Bergschlössl offers the perfect hike for every pair of walking shoes. The subsequent sauna session and the conservatory with the view of the crackling wood fire invited to dream. Thanks to Marek and Jörg for this enriching week.'"


Meditationen zum Tagesstart


Gekeimte Haferflocken mit Apfel & Banane


Gekeimter Buchweizen mit Zwetschgen und Mirabellen

Selleriesalat mit Mandeln und Walnüssen

Selleriesalat mit Mandeln und Walnüssen




Blumenkohl-Couscous mit Granatapfelkernen


Feldsalat mit Birnenmus und gerösteten Walnüssen


Gebratener Radicchio mit Kartoffelbrei


Über dem Nebel: Sonnenuntergang Hornisgrinde


Leberwickel mit ätherischen Ölen


Rote-Bete-Suppe mit Meerrettich

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